The Illusion of Supremacy

The sub-plot of Clearing a Path to Joy 

All throughout our world, there are groups of people who are being physically, economically and spiritually exploited by way of their beliefs.

These groups can be as small as a backwoods cult or as large as a nation, while their beliefs can be entirely opposite to what all the others believe. Yet one common feature that they all tend to share is a charismatic leader who tells them that they are "superior" to the members of all other groups, often for no apparent reason other than their loyal, obedient servitude.

And so, we can understand why many people are not only enticed to join such groups, but also reluctant to leave them for fear of losing out, or even being harmed.

Considering how many groups such as this exist in our world, from organized religions, tyrannical governments and mental cults to greedy economic cartels, we can understand why our world is in such a chaotic state of confusion from all of our boastful posturing for supremacy and social clashes for power.

Having studied this and many other impediments to social harmony, I believe I have found a way forward out of our collective mental captivity to all exploitive belief systems — primarily through the use of what I call "the IPSFA Sequence" of identity deconstruction. I have presented this information in book form and recently made it available to anyone with an open mind and a desire to consciously evolve.

From the first paragraph, Clearing a Path to Joy proves to be as much a "manual for social detoxification" as a spiritual guidebook for increasing our joy in life. In fact, both goals are directly linked in that we cannot be entirely happy until we know ourselves — not as a cultish member of some "mental empire" with a cookie-cutter recipe for life, but as a uniquely free-thinking individual consciously guided by sovereign choices toward our own personal destiny.

If my kind of thinking intrigues you, then take some time away from your everyday distractions to absorb this unique collection of uncommon insights into human social life and behavior. 

What can my book do for you? I can't promise you anything except a constant stream of eye-opening revelations. However, what I hope is to rekindle in you a child-like enthusiasm for life that sets you on a self-guided quest for joy courtesy of a newly-awakened sense of meaning and purpose.

At the very least, it will have you seeing yourself and our world in a whole new light.

Here's to our collective future...

Roland Kriewaldt,
author and lifelong companion to reality.

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Clearing a Path to Joy

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by Roland Kriewaldt

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